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Mood: Noctivagant

2 Apr

1. Muse

I like Muse due to their genre-crossing tendencies, fusing of rock and classical music. Maybe something my Beethoven loving mother and I could both enjoy.

mp3: Starlight [Muse]

website / myspace

2. L.A.H.E.

I have no idea who L.A.H.E. is nor could I find a picture of him/her/them. Let me know if you know? Apparently my googling skills are not as up to par as I thought. In any case, enjoy.

mp3: Bump in the Night (Thrills Remix) [L.A.H.E.]

3. Stars

Canadian indie rock group: Stars. It bothers me that I can’t call them “The Stars,” just “Stars.” It’s the English major in me.

mp3: The Night Starts Here [Stars]

website / myspace

4. Tiga

Pretty boy

Montreal born Tiga (Tiga James Sontag) covers one of my favorite 80’s tunes, Corey Hart’s “I wear my sunglasses at night”! So much better than Miley Cyrus’ rip-off (shudder). There’s a lot of Canada in this entry; but no Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift crap so we’re still okay.

mp3: Sunglasses at Night [Tiga & Zyntherius]
Via Manalogue (

website / myspace

5. VHS or Beta

mp3: Night on Fire (Cut Copy Remix) [VHS or Beta]


6. A Fine Frenzy

mp3: Come On, Come Out [A Fine Frenzy]

Check out the “Almost Lover” music video here.

If you’ve noticed how little text there is in this entry, it’s probably because my mood is actually more of a “lazy” than a “noctivagant.” Although, my laziness has long transitioned from a mood into a state of permanence.