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Mood: Schizophrenic

6 Aug

Every once in a while I accumulate a large list of songs I REALLY want to blog about. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough moods to integrate them all into one giant “mood.” Thus, I’ve decided to give myself a little leeway about once a month and go buck crazy. Call it PMS, call it impatience, call it… schizophrenia (call it Britney Spears). Here is a large list of some of my favorite stuff these days. Every one is a MUST DL so charge up those ipods and ENJOY!


Elvis and iRobot consummated and gave birth to Janelle Monae

My friend the Ticketmaster aka M told me about Janelle Monae after seeing her perform at Summer Stage this past Sunday in Central Park. Now I regret not dragging my ass over to NYC for the show because after listening to her tracks on her myspace, I realized that her stuff exemplifies my reasons for being a music lover. There is nothing I appreciate as much as an artist with a strong, gorgeous voice who experiments in new/different kinds of sound. She comes from a school similar to that of Lupe Fiasco (thoughtful lyrics and good beats) but it’s a little more fun and a little less serious (like Lupe’s “Intruder Alert” which is about a girl who loses trust in people because she gets raped. Good stuff, but not exactly party music). Check out some of her songs below and more importantly, check out her album “Metropolis Suite I: The Chase” coming August 12, 2008.

Published track list:

01 March Of The Wolfmasters
02 Violet Stars Happy Hunting!
03 Many Moons
04 Cybertronic Purgatory
05 Sincerely, Jane

Tour Dates:

6-9 Oslo, Norway at Oya Festival
11 Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse (with Gnarls Barkley).
15 San Diego, CA at House of Blues (Delta Room).
17 Los Angeles, CA at Live Show (with Raphael Saadiq).
19 Los Angeles, CA at Viper Room.
20 San Francisco, CA at Bimbos (with Raphael Saadiq).
22 Portland, OR at Doug Fir.
23 Seattle, WA at Nectar.
26 Arlington, VA at Iota.
27 New York, NY

6 Chicago, IL at Soul Music Festival.

A friend asked me: “What kind of music is this?”
And I said: “Hip-hop/punk.” I think that’s the best way to describe it.

mp3: Violet Stars Happy Hunting! [Janelle Monae] – MUST DL

She’s the cutest alien with the coolest hair at school.

mp3: Sincerely, Jane [Janelle Monae] – MUST DL

Janelle Monae doing “Violet Stars Happy Hunting” live at Criminal Records in Atlanta. Her voice has great texture.

Buy her album (arriving on Planet Earth on August 12) can be bought on her website store or you can buy the mp3s on Amazon here. Additionally, some other songs she has done with Outkast and such can be bought on Amazon here.

website / myspace

SHWAYZE (not Patrick)

An angle of Cisco Adler only Mischa Barton would want to see…

Shwayze aka Aaron Smith is an alternative hip-hop artist whose self-titled first album, Shwayze, is to be released on August 19, 2008. It’s not life changing music but it’s a cute summer song for those of you who are tired of listening to Katy Perry singing about kissing girls.

mp3: Buzzin’ [Shwayze ft. Cisco Adler] – So EZ Breezy

MV for Buzzin’

MV for Corona and Lime (is it just me or does it sound almost exactly like Buzzin’?)

website / myspace


Their EP Chunk of Change is out September 16th.

mp3: Better Things [Passion Pit]



I first posted about this song a while back since then I have been listening to it and I really have grown to really like it. It starts to get reaaal good at 2:39. I just love Jennifer Hudson’s voice when she gets all emotional and starts yelling. I just tear up whenever I think of her singing in the head-wrap in Dream Girls after Beyonce kicks her out of the band and takes her man. Lol. Beyonce (aka Diana Ross) can be such a bitch, damn.

mp3: Spotlight (ft. Rick Ross) [Jennifer Hudson] – Must DL


First formed as the Lopez Sisters (Carmen, Lillian, and Louise) in 1968, Carmen dropped out and Tony Reynolds (a Manilla native) joined to form ODYSSEY.

“You’re no tramp but you’re no lady.” Hahaha! What a backhanded… compliment. With lyrics like this, how can you not love this song? Also has a swinging beat.

mp3: Native New Yorker (12″ from 1977) [Odyssey]

They’re probably too old to have a myspace; try the Yellow Pages. Or maybe the Farmer’s Almanac. Or Face-Slab-of-Rock (what a lame joke. If you liked it, facebook me we can be friends).


Most of the buzz surrounding The Teenagers has died down through the summer (yeah, ok u used the c-bomb in a song) but I still like to listen to them from time to time because they make me laugh.

“Would we be dancing the same? If Michael Jackson hadn’t made music?”

“Does internet makes us smarter? Or does it just help us for porn?”

“What if….whatever.”

mp3: Wheel of Fortune [The Teenagers]