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Mood: Kept in the Dark

20 Mar

1. Tiesto

Tiesto is one of those names that I often hear thrown around on the dance music scene. However, everytime I listen to his music with high anticipation, I think, oh yeah, pretty good but not as engaging as I expected. I’m more of a fan of Bob Sinclair and David Guetta. However, his music has some good elements to it, if not exciting.

mp3: In the Dark [Tiesto] – worth a listen

More about Tiesto on his website.

2. Humming Urban Stereo

Humming Urban Stereo is a Korean electropop band.

mp3: Scully Doesn’t Know (live) [Humming Urban Stereo]

From their 2005 album “Very very nice! And Short Cake.” 

Salsa Woman

More about the Korean electro-pop group on their myspace.

3. Snow Patrol

You know these guys… “If I wait hereee.. If I just wait hereee…” Those may not actually be the correct lyrics as I am often a perpetrator of incorrect lyrics.
mp3: Shut Your Eyes [Snow Patrol]

4. Hot Chip

Hot Chip is a British electropop group that has been gaining a lot of attention in the blogosphere. Apparently the group is known for re-creating their songs on stage, thus giving shows of a completely different sound from their albums. So, in a sense, they are covering their own songs. Also, their name makes me hungry.

mp3: Made in the Dark [Hot Chip]

More about HC on their website.

Hot Chip video for Over and Over