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Mood: Telephonic

1 Oct

Poised for action.

The great thing about the old school Nokia cell phone was that it doubled both as communication technology and communicative weaponry. Someone says something gnarly about your mom to your face? Throw your boulder of a Nokia cell phone in his/her face like you know JWoww did when she used to beat up girls like Sammy in high school. Message received!


He’s old school in the New School, if you know what I mean.

mp3: Calling [Raphael Saadiq]


Robyn is almost like a fine wine, gets better with age. After her little stint with popularity back in the mid 90s, I never thought she’d rise above super cheesy pop songs.









mp3: Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) [Robyn]


mp3: Collect Call [Metric] – MUST DOWNLOAD