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Mood: Growing

15 Jun


I’m just gonna say it: I love Kanye West… the producer. Kanye West the man is a different issue for me. And I have to ask: should we judge the man? Or should we judge the artist?

Here’s a song from 808’s and Heartaches that I recently discovered that is fantastic. My new early morning thinking song as I drive to the hospital. Everything in the world is quiet, like I am all alone in the universe. I know Kanye is an amazing producer because this song makes me feel like I just took a listen inside a moment he experienced and now I am experiencing it too, when I listen to this song. Have a listen; in the right moment you will understand.

mp3: Street Lights [Kanye West]

p.s When he says “In the streets” it kinda sounds like he’s saying “industry.”


I have a soft spot for Priscilla Ahn’s music… like anyone else who would enjoy her music because it is so soft and soothing like a Downy towel fresh out of the dryer. Even her song with Tiesto was so soothing. Take a listen and lie back.

mp3: When You Grow Up [Priscilla Ahn] via




I randomly found this song on RCDLBL and it’s pretty damn chill.

mp3: Never Don’t Grow [Late Bloomers]



Here’s a young track – really, they are talking about graduating high school. But it is actually a good song, I just don’t think I, at 25, can relate to the subject matter anymore. Plus, I like growing up.

mp3: Never Grow Up [Timeflies]