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21 Mar

Here’s a long entry for prolonged eargasm since it’s Good Friday. No, I’m not religious, I just have no work today. 🙂

1. The Cribs & CSS, Kate Nash

More British music from me. The Cribs are a post-punk British group of three brothers. To be honest, I never heard of them until I was searching for more of these addictive CSS remixes. But the original song is also good in its own right. Such is why the Kate Nash cover is also sweet, in addition to the fact that Ms. Nash has a gorgeous voice and always does our ipods right.

mp3: Man’s Needs (CSS Remix) [The Cribs] – must listen!

The original Man’s Needs music video, before CSS (can seide ser sexy) wrecked havoc on the Cribs.

Indie darling Kate Nash‘s delicious cover/interpretation of a “Man’s Needs,” complete with fiddle!

mp3: Man’s Needs (Live) [Kate Nash] – must listen!

Music Cred to Spitzer’s Ho. Just kidding, it’s not really Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s blog; but the blog is called The Music Slut so I was trying to squirt a little current events into my commentary. So don’t run off and spend your 99 cents on this shit. Your thoughts on the cover? I almost feel like she does it better than the Cribs.

More about the Cribs on their website.

2. Chromeo

Chromeo is Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) and P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel). Besides having sexy legs, David M is presently getting his Ph.D in French literature at Columbia University (my alma mater!). Oo la la, tres bien. I’ d like to see him to get all Balzac up in this shit.

mp3: Momma’s Boy (ddpesh mix) [Chromeo]

More Chromeo’s music here.

3. Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip

Guy on the left, man. Bearded dude, God?

mp3: Letter from God to Man [Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip]

For those of you who missed them at SXSW this year, check them out at Coachella 2008, April 25!

More on these accented rhyme spittin’ artists here.

4. The Apples in Stereo

Snow White would probably not appreciate this. Nor would Eve (as in Adam and…).

mp3: Man You Gotta Get Up [The Apples in Stereo]

More about them apples on their website.

5. Whiskey & Co.

Having the same moniker as many a dive bar, listening to W&Co. makes me feel like a drunken cowgirl. Kind of like how dive bars make me feel.

mp3: One Man Too Many [Whiskey & Co.]

Music Cred to

More about the country group on their myspace.

6. Phoebe Snow

What do you think? Is Phoebe Snow a hipster? Stick some converses and a V-neck shirt on this chick and she’ll probably look like Granny Olsen.

mp3: Poetry Man [Phoebe Snow]

7. Timbaland & Elton John…random duet.

Timbaland shows us his moves.

mp3: 2 Man Show [Timbaland ft. Elton John]

Last but not least…

They’re just so cute!

I’ve posted this song before on M4M but my un-ending love for it has inspired me to re-post for those who missed it the first time.
mp3: The Freest Man (CSS Remix) [Tilly & the Wall]

And those of you lucky enough to attend their performance at the Knitting Factory in NYC tonight, enjoy and I’d love to hear how it goes (

What a long entry. I think I dun the music blog gods proud. Amen!