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19 May

1, Sugababes plus or minus Mutya Buena

If you’re into British pop like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of Sugababes, aka Girls Aloud’s resident not-as-hot-but-more-talented peer girl group. I’m not sure when this cover was done, while Mutya Buena was still a Sugababe or afterwards.

mp3: Hey There Delilah (Plain White T’s Cover) [Sugababes]

Crazy MV to hit single “Denial”



Former Sugababes member, btw, Mutya Buena has a great voice. Here is a good cover she did of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit, Fast Car.

mp3: Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover) [Mutya Buena]


2, Estelle

mp3: She’s So Lovely (Scouting For Girls Cover) [Estelle] via zeon’s music blog


3, The Flaming Lips

The best covers are the ones that bend genres. Rock band covers rap song, rapper covers pop song, etc.

mp3: Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue Cover) [The Flaming Lips]


4, Alicia Keys

While I generally like Alicia Key’s music, this cover disappoints. But for those who were curious like myself when I came across it, take a listen.

mp3: How To Save a Life (The Fray Cover) [Alicia Keys]

5, Goldfrapp

I love Goldfrapp. I love the Klaxons. What’s not to love?

mp3: It’s Not Over Yet (Klaxons Cover) [Goldfrapp]

6, Mobius Band

I recently saw Mobius Band in NYC and they played this song as part of their set. My guess is that the man pressing the elevator buttons is the same man who was stylistically pounding the sound board during the show.

mp3: Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover) [Mobius Band]


7, Some random stuffs…

Citizen Cope

I recently heard this song on a commercial. Thanks to google I was able to find out that it is called “Let the Drummer Kick” by Citizen Cope. Check out the awesome video that incorporates the lyrics into an engaging visual feat.


Apparently this is one of the songs on Mrs. Jay-Z’s next album. Thoughts? It sounds like another “to the left, to the left” to me.

mp3: New Shoes [Beyonce] aka To the Right, To the Right