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Mood: American Girls… Girls from Ah-mer-ick-uh

5 Jul

What’s cooking, good looking?

I’m back in the motherland and I find my gmail inbox very, very daunting. While I am a giant mediawhore, I also thoroughly enjoyed the self-inflicted disorientation which results from complete isolation from the internet/tv/cellphones/telegraphs/2 cups tied together by a string. It’s nice to be left with just yourself and your friends and not have to be bombarded by the newest thing every minute of the day. But in any case, I am back in the country in one piece (this is a blessing… there were times in Asia where I thought I may die… most of these moments occurred while sitting on the edge of my seat in some form of Asian transportation) and I am so behind on the whole music scene that I just surrender myself and am going to post some music that I have meekly procured. Please don’t expect anything too novel from me… my mind still lingers in the world of tuk tuks and 20 cent Vietnamese draught beer. I’m easing myself back into the groove of things so expect things to be slow.

As for my mood today, it is both a belated tribute to the Independence Day festivities and also a reference to a DJ that we met in Malaysia who sporadically would yell out at us: “American girls… girls from Ah-mer-ick-uh.” This later led him to say “Girls from America dance while the boys masturbate.”

Yes, he really said that. I hope that by masturbate he meant “eat noodles”… or something.

1. Estelle vs. Ting Tings

I love Estelle. I love the Ting Tings. I love this mash-up.

mp3: Shut Up, American Boy [Estelle vs. The Ting Tings]

2. M83

I love M83. Tony does no wrong with me. Here’s an older song, “America,” and also a single I really like off of “Saturdays=Youth” that’s been around for a while now in the blogosphere but I’m just behind.

mp3: America [M83]

mp3: Kim & Jessie [M83]

Jack & Diane (1982) [John Mellencamp]

–>> Kim & Jessie… The “Jack & Diane” of our era??


3. Peaches vs. The Presidents of the United States of America

The Peaches has such a fucking potty mouth. Definitely not something I listen to on a daily basis but sometimes it’s pretty amusing to hear.

mp3: Fuck the PUSA [Peaches vs. The Presidents of the United States of America]

old style MV for “Fuck the Pain Away.” so NFSW btw

peaches website

prez website

4. Dead Kids

These Brits seem to be channeling French indie imports, the Teenagers, in this song (but it’s a bit more electro and a lot less Fwwwench). I like it.

mp3: I Love America [Dead Kids]

Read an interview about them here.


5. Sonic Youth

Yesterday, I went to Battery Park to see Sonic Youth and the Feelies celebrate Fourth of July with us plebs. The day was just slightly rainy enough to cool the air and make for an acceptable concert watching climate. I didn’t like the Feelies too much but I actually really liked Sonic Youth. Sure, I’ve heard their name thrown around, I’ve listened to their cover of the Carpenters’ “Superstar” (also, in Juno) but I hadn’t really thought, “Wow, I really like them” until yesterday’s show. I feel like they are one of those bands whose energy is what you love (I liked them so much better in concert than when I listen to their mp3s). Also, they are influenced by Fluxus composer John Cage (if that is of any interest to any readers who love movements as much as I do – check out Fluxus).

Kim Gordon (bass/vocals) is probably older than my mother and she is still ROCKIN HARD. She also wore a DVF dress at the show and I always have respect for women who wear DVF.

Observation 1: One of the guitarists was whacking away at his guitar with a screwdriver.


Observation 2: Sonic Youth juniors (their kids) were present at the show. I would be pretty psyched if one of my parents was in an influential noise rock band.

I really like this song, “She Is Not Alone.”

mp3: She is Not Alone [Sonic Youth]

More about yesterday’s show (including a partial set list) on my friend Mimi’s blog.

What would we do without the internet… people have already posted videos of yesterday’s show.