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24 Jun

Kool and the Gang

Now this here is real old school. When Kool and the Gang is mentioned, you probably think of disco. I love disco, but “Summer Madness” is not disco. It’s early Kool and it is a sick sick song. The kind of song that makes you go “ohhh…now I see why Kool got so famous.” So, if you love music, if you love summer, if you love madness, if you love passion, if you love people doing what they were meant to do, then hear this.

mp3: Summer Madness [Kool and the Gang]

Jay-Z + Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Rock and hip-hop give each other an awkward hug in this collaboration. Not bad, but not quite “Run This Way” either.

mp3: Beach Chair [Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin]


Scottish Calvin Harris has gained a ton of popularity in the past couple of years. Personally, I consistently find that the remixes of his songs are better than the original. He’s onto something, but maybe needs a bit more editing or something. But this is a pretty good track nonetheless.

mp3: Burns Night [Calvin Harris]