All-Star Songs

Sam Sparro’s “Black & Gold”

Amazing lyrics, sick beat, sexy video and light-up tuxedos

Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness”

Words can’t describe the complexity, texture, and musical skill expressed in this song. It is truly madness. Just listen:

Clazzquai’s “I Will Never Cry”

I don’t quite understand why this South Korean jazz/pop/electronica group never attempted to cross over to America. This trio has the undeniable vocal prowess, English language skills, physical attractiveness, and the limitless musical flexibility to make it in an international market.

Rachael Yamagata’s “1963”

A sweet melody with husky vocals.

Lykke Li’s “Little Bit”

Awesome song containing noises you’d never imagine could produce music. This song totally had me with the lines: “eye to eye, thigh to thigh.”

Rain/비’s “How to Avoid the Sun”

This is K-pop gold by the best music producer in Asia, JYP.

Allure’s “Renaissance”

Fantastic song by a barely known French producer.

John Murphy’s “Big Daddy Kills” (Kick-Ass Score)

Seems like an unusual choice but this is my victory song right here!

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