Mood: Serious

15 Mar


“Tell me, can we ever be… serious?”

mp3: Serious [Duffy]

I was just watching this live video of Duffy singing “Serious”:

I love how there is a whole movement of singers coming out of Britain who embrace schools of jazz and soul music (Adele, Duffy, Joss Stone, etc), arenas where true emotions still come through in music. As much as I like fun, dancey pop music as much as the next American, I also need to cleanse my palate with something a bit realer, something with a little more artistic integrity.

Duffy’s voice is somehow both gritty and high and somewhat reminds me of her poppier counterpart Jessie J, who has an equally strong voice but honestly most of Jessie’s songs are crap and won’t last longer than a year in popularity.


I always thought Four Tet was a band but it turns out to be this one dude mixing all different genres together into awesome music. Sometimes he forgets to brush his hair because he’s too busy making great music for us to listen to.

mp3: As Serious As Your Life [Four Tet]


This song is not great by any means and I wouldn’t judge it on the same parameters as the above two, but I love Gwen Stefani and some of her pop is really great (i.e. “Cool”). I thought this song off of the Love.Angel.Music.Baby. album was worth a listen, just a fun 80s song. Nothing too serious.


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