Mood: Groovy

13 Mar

Fusion cuisine was first introduced in the 1970s and has been done notably by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck with the opening of his restaurant Chinois. More recently, dishes like Korean tacos (Korean-Mexican fusion) have become more popular as chefs begin to recognize and act upon the underlying palatable connectivities between different culture’s food. Whether the texture of one dish meshes well with the spices of another, or vice versa, fusion dishes can be an eye opening, ahem, taste bud awakening experience.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the reason I speak of fusion food is not only because I enjoy it, but also I think it draws a strong parallel with mash-ups (the true topic of this blog entry). Case and point: I recently came upon a producer named Gordon Gonzola. He does 70s reduxes of modern day pop songs and they are the most delicious sounds I have heard in a long time. Take a listen:


This fantastic disco song + Adele’s textured voice = better than the original.


Somebody Else’s Rude Boy

The original Jocelyn Brown song “Somebody Else’s Guy” is also great:


You’re probably dead tired of hearing those annoyingly joyful whistles in “World Hold On” by now.

But this mash-up will change your mind.

mp3: Hot Stuff vs. World Hold On [Craig David vs. Bob Sinclar]


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