Mood: Celestial

3 Mar


In celebration of the fact that I will be seeing Ellie Goulding LIVE on March 24th at Webster Hall (pause for excited hyperventilation), I had to post my favorite remix of Starry Eyed. I think Ellie is highly underrated over here on our side of the Atlantic and I hope her tour will make her more popular here as I think she makes some of the best electro-pop (aside from the South Koreans) out there right now. Her songs also have meaning which goes to show that pop music doesn’t have to be low quality or only be about sexual innuendos. The song is remixed by the equally fantastic Penguin Prison (Worse It Gets) with verses by the prestigiously named Theophilus London (seriously, try to say his name without a British accent).

mp3: Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix ft. Theophilus London) [Ellie Goulding]

And for good measure, an amazing dubstep remix of another favorite EG song of mine by Bassnectar.

More tour info here.


I often find that Stars’ songs are really hit or miss. “Dead Hearts” is a good example of this because it is just such a damn beautiful song. You’ll know what part I’m talking about when you hear it (the chorus). So… damn… beautiful. Simultaneously melancholy yet sweet. It’s a sound that cannot be easily dreamed up. And you can only dream up such ironic beauty, not compose it. It would make anyone, like David ask is this real life? after leaving a dental procedure.

mp3: Dead Hearts [Stars]


Sometimes listening to a Metric song feels like you’re wandering in on a fleeting thought that Emily Haines had. Their music is never too overwhelming, chill but meaningful in its own little way. My favorite is probably “Collect Call” but this little joint from the Canucks is pretty damn nice too.

mp3: Soft Rock Star [Metric]


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