Mood: Dippy, Deranged

5 Apr

1. Hawksley Workman

If you watch “How You Met Your Mother” at all, I don’t even need to start up with all the Canadian jokes. But all jokes aside, I did not know how much I would like the music of a man whose first name is “Hawksley.” And surprisingly, the answer is a lot. I received this song in my gmail a couple days ago and I am really liking it a lot. I love the yodeling intro, the fidgety noises, the loopy lyrics. It all came together as a great little musical production. Enjoy!

mp3: Maniacs [Hawksley Workman]


October 20 – Café Du Nord – San Francisco, CA
October 21 – Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA
October 25 – Schuba’s – Chicago, IL
October 28 – City Winery – New York, NY
October 29 – Tin Angel – Philadelphia, PA


As operatic as ever, Muse consistently delivers listenable opera-rock.

mp3: Undisclosed Desires [Muse]

4. fun.

mp3: Be Calm [Fun.]


One Response to “Mood: Dippy, Deranged”

  1. SapphicOwl June 24, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    “Undisclosed Desires” is one of my top 3 songs of that album. Very nice inclusion and post overall. Love the concept of the blog, btw.

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