Mood: Grave

27 Dec

Koala-esque Australian singer Lenka covers Modest Mouse.

mp3: Gravity Rides Everything [Lenka]

The second Sara hits the high note at the chorus (“Set me free, leave me be. I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity.”)… beautiful.

mp3: Gravity [Sara Bareilles]

mp3: Gravity (Live at the Fillmore) [Sara Bareilles]

Some background on the song Gravity (from Wikipedia): “Mayer suggested in an interview with the magazine Performing Songwriter that “Gravity” was the song he was always trying to write, using the example of “Come Back to Bed” (from Heavier Things) as being an early attempt at “writing Gravity“.”

When I read this on Wikipedia, I felt like I really understood John Mayer so much better musically. Because “Gravity” is one of my favorite songs too. As is true in most bluesy songs, it’s the silences that are just as important as the singing parts.

“This is the most important song I’ve ever written, it’s a time capsule song. I will listen to it every day of my life if I need to. It’s honest to God the most important song I’ve ever written in my life, and it has the fewest words. I was in LA, and I was there for the summer, just writing tunes, and I was in the shower. And I don’t know where it came from, but it’s the damn truth you know, and I just sang, “gravity…is working against me.”- John Mayer on “Gravity”

mp3: Gravity [John Mayer]

John playing “Gravity” on David Letterman

Love the intro here.

mp3: Gravity Rides Everything [Modest Mouse]


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