Mood: Alone but not lonely

13 Dec

The better thing to come out of Alaska: Kate Earl. Earl makes pop music, but it’s not all completely manufactured and auto-tuned. Personally, I think “Nobody” by Kate Earl was one of the catchiest, sexiest (“Nobody hikes up my skirt like you”) songs of the year and yet she has been unable to garner the amount of popularity that marketing machine Katy Perry has been able to gain. “Nobody” is subtle, a bit dark with a pinch yearning… and an utterly alluring beat.  Hopefully, Earl finds more of the commercial success she deserves in 2010!

mp3: Nobody [Kate Earl]

I’m sure the highly blogged-about group The XX will be making a lot of “best of ’09” lists this year and rightfully so. Despite losing a member this year, I hope they will continue to make more amazing music in the coming year.

mp3: Islands [The xx]

How did I miss this little gem the first time around? Perhaps because I was too busy obsessively listening to “Lights and Music” while fist-pumping, before fist-pumping was tainted by MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Now I am loathe to do anything that may associate me with anything/anyone on that crummy show. And yet, I can’t turn away…

mp3: Nobody Lost, Nobody Found [Cut Copy] (via

at 0:54 seconds

“Nobody” by the Wonder Girls has been blowing through Asia like an insuppressible force of (solid gold pop music) nature. Catchy as hell, but lyrics tug at your threadlike heart strings.

mp3: Nobody (Rainstone Instrumental Remix) [Wonder Girls]

Here’s the uncontrollably catchy original:


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  1. whatevertoni December 23, 2009 at 3:30 am #

    cheers to moody people!

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