Easy Listening, just like on Grandma’s fave radio station 106.7

3 Dec

* Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (Mase Remix) [Alicia Keys]
Alicia Key’s newest album “The Element Of Freedom” is dropping like cryptococcus neoformans infected pigeon poop (sorry, medical school verbal diarrhea) on December 15, but thanks to the magical machine that is piracy on the internet, the first single “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart” is already floating around the cyberspace for eager ears. It’s nothing especially innovative or different from songs on her last album “As I Am,” but it’s still pop gold from Ms. Keys. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t give it vancomycin (ok, ok, I’ll stop with the medical terms =P).

*Make You Mine (Fred Falke remix) [Miami Horror]
Miami Horror is an electropop act hailing not from the hot sexy caliente ciudad Don Johnson made famous, but from the land of kangaroos, shrimp on the barbie, and Nicole Kidman’s real face before it discovered botulism toxin. I have no idea who Fred Falke is but he always makes really good remixes… this is one is relaxing.

*Who Says [John Mayer]
Thanks to Joe Yu for introducing/sending me this song! It’s nice and easy. It’s off of Mayer’s newest album “Battle Studies” (great title by the way). While the paps might play him off as the d-bag who bedded Jennifer Aniston, one can’t deny his ability to produce good music. He had me at “No Such Thing.”


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