12 Nov

It’s officially November. Now where’s that snuggie?
I’ve decide to minimize the formatting of Music for Moodies, not out of want but due to my lack of time to link pictures and what not. I know it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as past entries but I can promise that I will continue to deliver quality songs for your aural pleasure.


mp3: Two Tongues [The Swell Season]
“Two Tongues” embodies the harmonious sound of bittersweet disappointment from The Swell Season (Academy Award winners Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová from the movie “Once”). In a New York Times article about their new album “Strict Joy,” the duo was asked how it was working on a new album together after their fresh break-up. Markéta answered the question with her usual simple maturity by defining the organic purpose of all arts. “Like Glen always puts it, you live your life, and the residue of that life you lead becomes the music,” she said.

mp3: Boa Sorte/Good Luck [Vanessa da Mata and Ben Harper]
I was watching House the other day and a really beautiful song by Ben Harper came on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZLp5oLHgvM) which I could not pirate yet due to its relative newness. However, I did come across this lovely bilingual acoustic duet by Ben Harper and Grammy Award winning Brazilian songstress (and former pre-med student) Vanessa da Mata.

mp3: Ms. Harmony [Robin Thicke]
Despite the seemingly emasculating (Sarah’s thoughts, not mine) high pitched tone Robin Thicke takes on for this low key guitar ballad, I still think he’s the man. It also doesn’t hurt that the song contains copious amounts of bongo playing.


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