Mood: My Love

11 Jul


There is something about Adele’s voice that makes me feel like she understands how I feel when I’m sad.

mp3: Make u feel my love (Remot REmix) [Adele]


I love this ultra-dramatic, ultra-electronic song. I haven’t seen the MV for it, but I hope there’s a scene with The Dream standing at the edge of a cliff with his arms open wide because that’s how I’m envisioning the chorus playing out in video (I’m hoping that it’s not yet another MV of a booze saturated club scene with hoochies).

mp3: She needs my love [The Dream]


Youth Novels, by Young Adult Lykke Li

Youth Novels, by Young Adult Lykke Li

In the music world, where years are counted in something like dog years, Lykke Li’s 2008 debut seems ages ago. And yet, it still lingers in one of my top most played albums because she’s weird… yet so listenably weird. It’s weird and catchy. The aura of her music, to me, is like a less annoying Joanna Newsom (as much as I love “Peach Plum Pear,” I’ve really hit my limit with listening to her irritating screech).There is something in particular about this track on Lykke Li’s 2008 debut “Youth Novels.” My first listen of “Youth Novels” was that it was just an amalgam of fidgety noises and bangs, often creatively done on regular instruments like pianos and guitars. But this track, “My Love,” is a welcome break from Li’s Ritalin fueled repertoire. While the background melody stays repetitive throughout the song (as is common in her album), it still holds a song all by itself. In the end, though,”Youth Novels” overall is a vocalist’s album; it is always Lykke’s vocal addition that holds each song together.

mp3: My love [Lykke Li]


If you have not yet checked out this lovely movie by auteristic cinema genius Wes Anderson, you should. And if you don’t love Adrien Brody yet, you will.

mp3: Where do u go to (my lovely) [Peter Sarstedt]


You know it’s the 80s by the pornstached man.

‘Send her my love’ by Journey


Milke, a duo comprised of Andrew Friendly (music) and Ra (vocal, lyrics), is inspired by the third French wave of Kitsune artists, electro pop, Stuart Price and the DFA, mixed with the pop sensibilities of Eurythmics, The Cure, Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder and Prince. With a KLF approach to creativity (minus the sheep slaying), Milke sings about displacement, mental illness, love and love-lost, obsession and sex.

This catchy tune is definitely going on my ipod for running!

mp3: Love Get Out of My Way [Milke]

mp3: Love Get Out of My Way (Designer Drugs Remix) [Milke]



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