Mood: Wanderlust

23 May

I am backpacking (more like… riding trains and planes) through SE ASIA for a month so (1) the blog is on hiatus, and (2) enjoy the plane music!

see u in july!


mp3: Paper Plane Party Break (Annie Lennox vs. MIA Mash-up) [DJ Because] – MUST DOWNLOAD

mp3: Paper Planes [MIA]


Ok, this is just a random airplane picture.

mp3: Whispers (Hercules & the Love Affair remix) [Aeroplane]


mp3: In An Aeroplane Over the Sea [Neutral Milk Hotel]


The Holiday disbanded and they also don’t have a website or pictures or anything.. poo.

mp3: Planes [The Holiday]

mp3: Airplane Eyes [The Upsidedown]



One Response to “Mood: Wanderlust”

  1. squidchip July 2, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Been enjoying your blog as of recently. Have fun in Se Asia any chance you are hitting Laos? I was there a few years back and loved it. Heading to Nepal in oct!!!!

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