Mood: Dreaming

21 May


Seriously, I think part of Radiohead’s success can be attributed to the fact that they have a very cool band name.

mp3: Nice Dream (Live) [Radiohead]

Priscilla Ahn

Here is a gorgeous, touching song by singer/songwriter Priscilla Ahn. In the long, long absence of other half-Asian singing, song-writing phenom, Rachael Yamagata (whose new album, according to her website, is coming soon.. when is soon!? I’ve been waiting and waiting…), I’ve stumbled across Priscilla Ahn, whose new album is coming out June 10th.

mp3: Dream [Priscilla Ahn] – MUST DOWNLOAD

Priscilla Ahn plays “Dream” live


Lupe Fiasco

I am really surprised that Lupe Fiasco’s newest album “The Cool” did not get as more hype. He’s a talented lyricist who looks to different sources for song topics (i.e. “Kick Push”) and it’s a great album. Although, when I consider that Fiasco sounds like he was born from the school of Kanye, I then recall that there can only be room in the world for ONE ego as big as Mr. West’s.

mp3: Daydreamin’ (ft. Jill Scott) [Lupe Fiasco] from 2006’s “Food & Liquor”

mp3: Daydreamin’ (ft. Jill Scott) (Live) [Lupe Fiasco]

I fricking love this song “Intruder Alert.” It’s got a dark piano base… not too many lyrics but you’ll find yourself bopping your head because you’ll just feeeel it.

mp3: Intruder Alert (ft. Sarah Green) [Lupe Fiasco] from “The Cool” – MUST DOWNLOAD


The Decemberists

mp3: Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect [The Decemberists]



The kid from Summerland co-penned “Bleeding Love” (Leona Lewis) which is like, one of my favorite songs right.

Once I heard this, I had to go look it up (I google everything). Turns out he also recorded a version of the song. My guess is, he wrote and recorded the song, but no one listened to it because his voice sounds like a chipmunk who’s been smoking too many cuban cigars, bringing the ear-bleeding octave down to only ear-piercing. So Leona Lewis super-poked him on Facebook to see if she could do a version that people could enjoy without making an appointment with their otolaryngoligist. And the rest is history.

Here is the Prettier than Aaron Carter’s version:

mp3: Bleeding Love [Jesse McCartney]


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