Mood: Fetal

12 May

1, Amazing Baby

This relatively new Brooklyn based band looks like ABBA raised by a pack of wolves. I really like this song “Head Dress” by them. Despite being somewhat new, I have read reviews that they are quite good live so hopefully as they start playing more shows I will have the opportunity to see them.

Their next show is in hometown Brooklyn:

May 15, 2008, 8 PM @ The Grasslands Gallery in Brooklyn

mp3: Head Dress [Amazing Baby] via – worth a listen!

mp3: The Narwhal [Amazing Baby]

You can also download all their songs off of their myspace.

website / myspace

2, We Are Scientists

WAS, or tWAS, started in 2000 and consist of Keith Murray, guitar and lead vocals; Chris Cain, bass guitar and backing vocals; Michael Tapper, drums and backing vocals. They also have a funny website.

How they got together: “It’s complex and a little embarrassing, but it’s something we can kind of laugh about now, however hesitantly. Michael had this huge crush on Keith; like, huge. And of course Keith had been friends with Chris for a couple of years at this point and had always nursed this gigantic crush of his own toward Chris, but always in secret. Now, Chris had never really thought of Keith as anything more than a friend, a good friend with a great body, so nothing had ever really happened between them, excepting the occasional drunken round of mattress dancing (literally; we’re not using ‘mattress dancing’ as a sexual euphemism, we mean literally dancing — bouncing along to music — on a mattress or a set of adjoining mattresses). But so Chris, who had always been careful to keep things fraternal with Keith, developed this major huge crush on Michael soon after meeting him. So what you’ve got there is you’ve got your typical love triangle; a textbook example, in fact — perfect in its proportions, an equilateral love triangle, as experts in math would say. You see where this is going. There was only one way to avoid huge major hurt feelings, and that was for us to form a band.” (from their website)

mp3: Be My Baby (The Ronettes Cover) [We Are Scientists] – DOWNLOAD WORTHY

WAS on The Late Show playing “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”

When you google WAS, under their website the tagline is “New York’s three handsomest bachelors also operate a fine rock outfit.” lol funny

website / myspace

3, El Perro Del Mar

EPDM (aka Sarah Assbring) is currently touring with Lykke Li (LOVE her). Her newest album ‘From the Valley to the Stars’ was released on April 22nd in the U.S. The release will be followed by a North American throughout May 2008. The album will be released in the UK and Europe in the middle of May.

Tour Dates:

14 May – Red Room – Vancouver, British Columbia *
15 May – Triple Door, Seattle, WA *
16 May – Dough Fir – Portland, OR *
18 May – Bimbo’s – San Fransisco, CA *
19 May – El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA *
31 May – Siesta – Hässleholm, SE
1 June – Blue Flowers – London, UK **
2 June – Night & Day – Manchester, UK **
3 June – Hi-Fi Club – Leeds, UK **
6 June – Albert – Brighton, UK **
7 June – Stealth – Nottingham, UK **
8 June – King Tuts – Glasgow, UK **
10 June – Jericho Tavern – Oxford, UK **
11 June – ICA – London, UK **
12 June – Sugar Club – Dublin, IE **
25 June – Accelerator – Stockholm, SE
4 July – Arvikafestivalen – Arvika, SE
13 July – Pildammsparken – Malmö, SE

* With Lykke Li and Anna Ternheim
Supporting Lykke Li

mp3: Somebody’s Baby [EPDM]

website / myspace

4, DJ Clive$ter

mp3: Baby When the Virgins…(David Guetta ft. Cozy vs. Madonna) [DJ Clive$ter] via

5, Madison Avenue

I’m embarrassed to admit that I like this song, originally released back in 2000 by Australian dance duo Madison Avenue. Bad lyrics, the same major chords played over and over.. why does it suck me in.

mp3: Don’t Call Me Baby [Madison Avenue]

Here is the horrible MV for this song. I have a feeling that Paris Hilton directed it. Or maybe one of Paris Hilton’s many dogs.


One Response to “Mood: Fetal”

  1. leah cary July 13, 2008 at 9:38 am #

    hi there, so sorry but this is the blonde in the photo for amazing baby. i do not work with this band and am not a member. i have not signed a release for the photo above which conveys my image/likeness, and must ask you to take it down immediately.

    leah cary

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