Mood: Unemployed

10 May

I quit my job and it feels great.

So why have I not been blogging considering that my free time has quadrupled? Cuz der, I have been like… sleeping and drinking out of my parents’ liquor cabinet.


I dig this track. Partially because when I sing along, I sing it as “I’m an (unemployed) lady.” It makes it harder to sing but 10x funner. Funner.

mp3: I’m A Lady ft. Trouble Andrew [Santogold]

In other news, check out Trouble Andrew‘s Myspace, Santogold’s real life boyfriend, who sings on her track “I’m a lady.” Apparently he is trying to make music like his woman, except in the skate-rock-punk-electro (I don’t know if that’s true, I just stuck a bunch of genres together) genre.



As much as I love Alicia Keys, I’m just getting a tinge sick of her (good yet so familiar sounding to all her other stuff) music. I was just listening to “Teenage Romance” or “Teenage Pregnancy” or whatever her new single is called and after the first minute or so, I thought to myself: ‘This sure sounds nice but when will Usher come on and start calling Alicia his boo?’

Thankfully there are TONS of other people trying to make R&B happen. Like Fanta Estelle Swaray aka Estelle whose song “American Boy” with Kanye reached number one in the UK singles chart on March 23.

mp3: Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) [Estelle]

“Pretty Please” from Shine, with Cee-Lo. Very Sweet!

This is a MV from 2004 of her song “1980.”

Here is Estelle with my favorite potty mouthed gay, Christian Siriano. If he called me a tranny hot mess I’d probably give him the squishiest hug ever. Siriano has teamed up with Estelle to design a 15-piece collection for Puma.

Her album “Shine” was just released on April 29. Buy it here.

website / myspace

Lupe Fiasco

I love this song. Because I am an unemployed superstar. Minus the superstar part. Here’s the acoustic.

mp3: Superstar (Acoustic) [Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos]

“Daydream” featuring Jill Scott (this is also the song featured on that new phone commercial). Gorgeous tune. I’m gonna go out and buy that phone now cuz the commerical told me to.



mp3: The Youth (MMMatthias Remix) [MGMT]

BE TEE DUBYA: MGMT have an amazing interactive music video thing on their website so if you are bored at work or non-working then check it out. Lots of colors and things to keep you amused.

website /myspace

Cadence Weapon

Roland Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon is a Canadian rapper. You ever listen to Canadian rap? No? Me neither, until now.

mp3: House Music [Cadence Weapon]

website / myspace


I went to the Teenagers show on Monday at the Bowery Ballroom and I finally met Dorian. I also stole their set list which was written on the back of a brown bag from their stage (mwa ha ha). They are SO French. I’m not entirely sure what that means but throughout the show, I would make comments about the lead singer’s dancing or their accents or what not and my friend M would respond “They are SO French.” Because, they are so French.

“Are you really going to eat that Brooklyn peeza? It’s SO greezy.”

I love Dorian. He is my Korean Crepe. I love his curly, greezy hair and his ginormous glasses. After the show, I spoke with him briefly and he said something with a greezy French accent and then my friend M said, He is SO French. I was busy swooning.

Okay, but back to my review. The Teenagers are good live. They have energy, their songs have energy, and they are not afraid of interacting with the crowd. I really enjoyed the show and I had yet to begin drinking heavily (this happened later in the night, along with hot pockets and pudding cups).

Wow this a shitty review. It’s basically just me gushing about Dorian.

They are good. Go see them! (Better?)

mp3: Starlett Johansson (Connan & Mockasins Remix) [The Teenagers] via

photos via Dorian’s flickr. Stalker.



So I read last week that Agyness Deyn was going to be singing on a track called “Who” by the Five O’Clock Heroes. Lucky Fivers, cuz now people care who they are. What do you think?

I’m eh. Not as horrible as Scarlett Jo trying to sing at least.

At least she looks cute.

In other news, apparently she is wanting to break into film as well.


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  1. Mimi May 11, 2008 at 1:07 am #

    He is SO French. Dorian even said so, remember? He ended up in France because he is French.

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