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2 May

Ok, I couldn’t wait until Monday to be back. Mostly because I am tired of looking at cardboard boxes and masking tape.

1, Radiohead

mp3: My Iron Lung (Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom on Dec. 18, 1997) [Radiohead]

website / myspace

2, Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis had a 2006 solo effort called “Rabbit Fur Coat” with the Watson Twins. If you missed it back then, check out my favorite song from the album.

mp3: Rise Up With Fists [Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins] – WORTH A DOWNLOAD

website / myspace

3, Thieves Like U

mp3: Drugs In My Body (The Twelves Remix) [Thieves Like U]

website / myspace

4, Ari Hest

Here’s a catchy song from one of Ari Hest’s older albums. Brooklyn based Hest is also doing an interesting 52 week song marathon where he releases a new song every week for a year. Read more about it here.

mp3: The Upper Hand [Ari Hest] – WORTH A DOWNLOAD

website / myspace

4, Robyn

Ms. Robin Miriam Carlsson (aka Robyn) has been gaining popularity for a while now, to the point where many artists are covering her most popular single “With Every Heartbeat.”

mp3: With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic) [Robyn w/ Kleerup] via basstown blog

mp3: With Every Heartbeat (Robyn Cover) [Athlete] – WORTH A DOWNLOAD

mp3: With Every Heartbeat (Robyn Cover) [Grovesnor]

website / myspace

5, Islands

I was recently sent this new song “The Arm” from the Montreal based Islands’ sophomore album “Arm’s Way.” Islands is fronted by former “The Unicorns” frontman Nick Thorburn and drummer J’Aime Tambeur.

Track list:

  1. mp3: The Arm [Islands]
  2. “Pieces of You”
  3. “J’aime Vous Voir Quitter”
  4. “Abominable Snow”
  5. “Creeper”
  6. “Kids Don’t Know Shit”
  7. “Life In Jail”
  8. “In the Rushes”
  9. “We Swim”
  10. “To a Bond”
  11. “I Feel Evil Creeping In”
  12. “Vertigo (If It’s a Crime)”

Listen of their debut album “Return to the Sea” here.

website / myspace

6, The Sad Cobra

I have no info about this band. Do you? Email me at and I’ll update this section.

This song is weird (and perhaps, bad) but I think the lyrics are funny.

mp3: Body Cast [The Sad Cobra]

website / myspace

7, Annie

Lastly, check out the music video to Annie’s “Heartbeat.”

I posted a Royskopp remix of the song in this entry (link for dl here) and I am loving it!

MV to “Heartbeat”


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