29 Apr

To understand the mood for today, watch this little clip:

“I need to go, I just need to dance. I’m serious, tonight, no guys… Screw guys! I’ve had a rough week, I need to dance it ouuuut… I just want to make a circle around all our pocketbooks and shoes and danceeee.” (pause) “Dance!!!”

REMINDER COLDPLAY FANS: Get your “Violet Hill” mp3 here!

1. Duffy

With all the dirty and unnecessary dramz surrounding Ms. Amy Winehouse, there may be a little opening in the teeming music industry for Aimee Ann Duffy (aka Duffy) to fulfill. I’m really warming up to Duffy’s catchy single “Mercy.” With its infectious big band sound, it’s hard not to sing along or give your booty a little shake. And the mash-up I have posted is equally if not more infectious. “Warwick Avenue” is a recently released single from her album “Rockferry.” It’s a slower, more soulful tune for yet another rainy day here in Manhattan.

mp3: Mercy [Duffy]

MV for “Warwick Avenue”

2. Adele

“Hometown Glory” is a haunting song which reminds me of Phillip Glass’ work for the soundtrack to the Meryl Streep movie “The Hours.” Coupled with Adele’s powerful, slightly gravelly voice and you’ve got a great track on your hands.

3. The Puppini Sisters

The Puppini Sisters are a trio of singers who evoke the cutesy domesticity of the 1950s. Although they are not really sisters, schoolmates Marcella Puppini, Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins named themselves “The Puppini Sisters” in reference to the Andrews Sisters. Take a listen to their Beyonce cover, it’s AWESOME. A unique but incredibly workable cover, the Puppini Sisters’ version of “Crazy In Love” will be-bop its way into your heart.

4. Annie

Guhr-men singer Annie came out with some songs in the 90s but now she is back (kind of like Robyn)! Check out this Royskopp remix of “Heartbeat.”

5. Prince

Prince doing Radiohead at Coachella, but maybe not in the way he wants to.

6. Last Night’s Gossip Girl

OMFG… last night’s episode blew chunks.

We all know that Gossip Girl lacks depth and quality. But we all love it because the people are pretty and rich. But sometimes, when the writers are really NOT trying hard enough, the shiny surface breaks and we see the ugly inside. Last night, when “Georgina” was introduced into the show to “destroy” Serena’s perfect new life, it was like Michelle Trachtenberg came and pooped on my television with her crappy acting and not-evil-enough attitude. Georgina’s actions are evil BUT she is NOT. Leighton Meester (aka Blair) PERFECTS adolescent evil. She oozes wickedness and it’s delicious. She is the main reason we all love the show because we are all tittering excitedly in front of the show, waiting for her broken little self to do something iniquitous on screen. And we always forgive her because it’s not her fault she’s all f*cked up! It’s the money’s fault! Michelle Tratchenberg, on the other hand, is a piece of doody swathed in a leather jacket and hair mousse. I want her gone. Can’t they find something else to divert our attention from the crappiness of the show? A new baby for the Bass-Van der Woodsen family? An earthquake (a la Desperate Housewives)? A guest appearance by Christian Sirviano (“Blair Waldorf, you are tranny hot mess ferocious ferosha!”)? Come on, CW.

P.S. I love that Blair’s enemy last night was Asian student Nelly Yuki, who wears hipster glasses. Come on though, you know a crazy Asian nerd wouldn’t have a boyfriend.

Best line of the night: “Lucky for us mental acuity and common sense rarely come in the same package.” – Blair Waldof Salad

2 Responses to “Mood: LADIES’ NIGHT!”

  1. haileyellie April 29, 2008 at 5:49 pm #

    OMG your Gossip Girl bit is so hilarious!! because it’s true probably.. i wanna quote you so much right now.. nice blog by the way!


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