Mood: TGI F*CKing F

25 Apr

Here’s some dance music for your Friday night dance party. Twirlzz



1, M83

I have been in love with M83 (Frenchie Anthony Gonzalez) ever since I listened to “Don’t Save Us From the Flames.” Here’s a track from his new album “Saturday = Youth.”

mp3: Graveyard Girl [M83] – download worthy!

website / myspace

2, Does It Offend You, Yeah

Worst or best band name ever? I can’t decide.

mp3: Epic Last Song (LIFELIKE remix) [Does It Offend You, Yeah] via hipster runoff – download worthy!

mp3: Map of the Problematique (Does It Offend You Yeah remix) [Muse]

website / myspace

3, Madonna

Now I understand where her daughter gets her unibrow from.

Here’s a little taste of “Hard Candy, coming out on April 29, 2008. Buy the album here. I don’t particularly love either of these tracks, but then again that’s what I first said about “Fergalicious” before I memorized all the lyrics and impressed everyone at Friday Night Karaoke.

mp3: Heartbeat [Madonna]

mp3: Miles Away [Madonna]

website / myspace

4, Lily Allen

I like Lily Allen because she’s a sassy little bird. I bet she stumbles around London saying things like “init” and “wanker” (“Hey you wanker, this tea is scrumptious, init?”). I first heard Lily when I went to SNL and she was the guest singer. She’s a very good singer live, actually. What a wanker.

“I Could Say” is a nice little electro-ballad and “I Don’t Know” has some good advice init. I’m looking forward to hearing what else Lily comes up with as she develops her next album.

Here are the two new Lily Allen songs floating around the net.

mp3: I Could Say [Lily Allen] – download worthy!

mp3: I Don’t Know [Lily Allen] – download worthy!

And I’ll take my clothes off / And it will be shameless / Everyone knows that’s how you get famous

That’s what I keep telling all my little cousins.

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MWAhaha I met Aggy before Perez Whore-ton. Yay!


3 Responses to “Mood: TGI F*CKing F”

  1. Mimi April 26, 2008 at 5:34 am #

    yessss graveyard girl!

    why does madonna’s new stuff sound so timbaland-influenced?

  2. frederickfoxtrott April 27, 2008 at 4:22 am #

    Gonzalez has done it again def on best release list of 2008… Madonna however…well I don’t want to make enemies…


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