Mood: Gratified

23 Apr


So last night I had the opportunity to attend a special acoustic performance by Katy Perry at the Cornerstone office in Manhattan (Thanks Cornerstone!). And, there were TACOS… caliente!

What I love about seeing an artist or a group live is that it gives you a much more accurate and fully encompassing view of them. Often times when I only listen to recorded clips, it’s easy for me to be very judgmental (“Oh, that’s computerized”) but live showcases undo such unsubstantiated conclusions.

In the past I wrote that I wasn’t in huge favor of her lyrics, which to a degree, still stands (she is Lily Allen-esque); however, I do think that her music is enjoyable and one (by one, I mean all you indie loving hipsters) must keep in mind the genre of music that we are observing: pop. Pop music gets a bad rep because we all think that there are evil industry heads sitting at these pop song churning machines, cranking them out like glazed donuts at the Krispy Kreme factory. But I want to remind all of you that pop singers work hard too (I’m not looking at you, Cheetos Spears). And, many of them even write their owns songs and have real talent. I think Katy Perry may exhibit one of those singers. Katy Perry is a solid singer and a very lively and energetic personality. Overall, I enjoyed the short showcase. And the free beer (whee!).

Katy Perry in the Cornerstone office (I am always surprised by the quality of pix my phone can take)

After the show, I managed to grab her for an impromptu “interview” and talk about my encounter with Agyness Deyn. Katy Perry loves Agyness Deyn, then I like Katy Perry.

5 QUICKIES with Katy Perry:

(Sadly, I don’t own a tape recorder, so bare with me as I tried to recall her answers as close as possible to what she said. I wanted to do a word association at the end but then these other bloggers were all up in my face like, move bitch)

(a) What inspired the lyrics for the song “Ur So Gay?” (secretly I hoped it was someone/something super bizarre and unique but I did like her answer)

The lyrics were inspired by an break-up that I experienced with an ex-bf. As I was leaving his place, I realized that he was even more emotional and sensitive than I was! So this is a song about emo boys, who seem gay (but they are really not).

(b) Where are you from and what are you doing while you’re in New York?

I am from Santa Barbara, CA, which is about an hour from Los Angeles. My boyfriend lives here so I am seeing him after this!

(c) Favorite ice cream flavor?

Bubble gum!

(d) Favorite song right now?

Konichiwa Bitches by Robyn and American Boy by Estelle

(e) Where did you get your green pants?

I stole them from a photo shoot!

Read this more “serious” interview with Perry here.

Set list:
Ur So Gay
One of the Boys
Thinking of You <– my fave out of the group but sadly I could not find an mp3 for it

Behind the Scenes of “Thinking of You” MV.. somewhat creepy ending

Also, she was the final gf in the Cupid’s Chokehold MV (nearer to the end). Cute vid

KP’s album drops June 17, 2008 and for those of you who reside on the glorious east coast, she is playing the Mercury Lounge this Thursday, April 24, at 9PM.

website / myspace

2. Amos Lee

I love this cute little song by Amos Lee, singer/songwriter whose third studio album, set to be released on June 24th, 2008. He has previously released two albums, “Amos Lee” and “Supply and Demand,” on Blue Note Records (the same label as Norah Jones). Check it!

mp3: Sweet Pea [Amos Lee] (YSI, so only up for like 10 days)

website / myspace

3. The Weepies

I heard this song on Gossip Girl and thought it was so cute. Deb Talan and Steve Tannen front this indie band. AND even better, they are married!! And have a mini-Weepie (a baby) together! Cute!

mp3: All That I want [The Weepies] via all-things-go

mp3: Comfort (Live) [The Weepies]

Buy their album “Happiness” here.

website / myspace

4. Goldfrapp

mp3: Happiness [Goldfrapp]

Buy “Seventh Tree” here.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall Soundtrack

When I saw FULL FRONTAL MAN WEE-WEE (aka pen15 – sorry, am writing as such to avoid people who are googling for porn) in the first 10 minutes of the movie, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But what started out as a gross, somewhat stupid movie turned into a surprisingly engaging and realistic view of a harsh break-up and recovery from such bad heartbreak. The movie starts out somewhat mundane and showcases the (objectively) hilarious results of a bad heartbreak – lots and lots of man crying. However, it slowly transitions into a more serious movie as we start to understand why Sarah Marshall broke his heart. Touching and funny, I can’t ask for more from a movie. And, I’m impressed by Jason Segel (the protagonist, also in “How I Met Your Mother,” interestingly as a character named Marshall) who also penned the script. Zexy!

I like this song:

Inside of You [Infant Sorrow]

MV for “Inside of You”

Buy soundtrack here.


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