21 Apr

1. Agyness Deyn

Coworker: Who?

For those of you who are adorably clueless about who adorably hipster Agyness Deyn is, she is my favorite model ever! *insert excited forest critteresque noises here* I went to go see Tokyo Police Club last night with some friends and while I was waiting on line to pee in the ladies’ room, my friend M jumped through the door, grabbed me and yelped 4 beautiful words into my ear: “AGYNESS DEYN IS HERE!” Full bladder and all, I had to move on the prowl to see Burberry model Deyn who actually can pull off the hipster look. And in vogue. For a non-shy person, I can get incredibly shy and as I bathed in the glow that was Agyness’ hot white blond crop, I watched her walk away without having said anything. What could I possibly say without sounding like the drunken foo that I was? In the past, I had no misgivings saying anything to Mr. Big (SATC), Chace Crawford, and Ian Smoldering-Eyes (aka Boone from Lost). But Agyness! I was nervous!

One emptied bladder later, my friends and I emerged from the Bowery Ballroom where we saw Agyness AGAIN. Standing outside, like a normal person! With other people! Who looked equally normal!!!! Anyways, luckily I have friends who are less nervous than I and I was able to speak with her in embarrassingly crazed fan talk (she jilted: “How did you like the show?” and I think I said “OMG, I loved it! I love you!” jk.) and got a hug, but sadly I do not recall at all what she was wearing. So that is my Agyness Deyn story. And I don’t have a picture with her but I’d prefer just the memory.

2. Tokyo Police Club

I am typing this with burning palms from clapping so much and so hard last night at the Tokyo Police Club show at Bowery Ballroom. After Smoosh and the Static Jacks left the stage, a gangle of guys came onto the stage, picked up their instruments and started playing. Really well, and with energy. I was having a good time but I thought to myself, “Wait, where are the Japanese policemen that are supposed to be playing?”

Alas TPC is white and not licensed (as far as I know) to carry arms. But they do carry guitars and basses and drum sticks. And they do it well, live. Despite the success of Britney Spears, I still like to hear/see that bands/singers can actually pull it off live. And TPC can. I was thumping and shaking along with the rest of the audience as the band played through their lengthy (see below) set, which did not feel long at all. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The thing I especially like about TPC is that they are very spirited and don’t fear interaction with the audience while on stage. They played a set of songs from their older albums as well as from their newest effort, “Elephant Shell,” out on this month. Rollingstone reviewed the band recently, striking up comparisons to the Strokes, which I personally find erroneous (I’m a big Strokes fan but I think TPC is a bit more rough-edged than the Strokes). In any case, both bands are good in their own rights and TPC’s songs, as well as their live show, are very much worth a listen.

Setlist via my friend M’s blog
La Ferrassie
In a Cave
Sixties Remake
If It Works
mp3: Juno
Your English is Good
Cut Cut Paste
Nursery Academy
Citizens of Tomorrow
New New Song
Shoulders & Arms
The Baskervilles
Nature of the Experiment
mp3: Be Good <– my personal fave!

And a little extra:

mp3: Nature of the Experiment (Live)

Check out an interview with TPC here. My friend M’s blog entry, as well as pictures from the actual show here.

You still have a chance to catch the Canadian rockers on their long tour. See dates here.

website / myspace

3. The Statics Jacks

The Static Jacks were the first guys on stage. These five 17 year old indie rockers hail from the great state of New Jersey (yes, greatest armpit) and played an energetic show. I did a bit of googling on them this morning and found this song “Northern Bank” which I really like.

mp3: Northern Bank [The Static Jacks] via indie music filter – worth a listen!

website / myspace

4. Smoosh

After the Static Jacks came Smoosh. While the Static Jacks were on stage, my friend N nudged me and gestured towards the young (very young) girls standing next to him. “No, N, they are too young for you,” I said (we love pedophile jokes).

“But if I add 13 and 15 together.. that makes one 28 year old.”


In any case, it turned out these nubile youngsters actually make up the band Smoosh, consisting of Asya (born 1992) on the keyboard/vocals and drummer Chloe (born 1994). Their EVEN younger sister Maia (born 1996) joined the band on the bass for a couple of songs. Ever see a fetus play a bass? Well I have. And it was pretty good.

I was impressed by the band not only because of their young age but because they were legitimately good. Granted, I was concerned that they were out past their bedtime, but that’s just the Korean mom in me. Kudos to these youngsters who are doing much more than I was at that age, that is rolling around in mud in my Osh Kosh.

mp3: Find a Way [Smoosh] via anyone’

mp3: This Modern Love (Bloc Party cover) [Smoosh]

website / myspace

5. Santogold

FREE PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Mimi April 21, 2008 at 9:30 pm #

    I agree, TPC is definitely rougher around the edges and that’s why I love them. Garage bands aren’t for everyone (esp since most are bad), but TPC has that certain je ne sais quoi…

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