Mood: Drunk

15 Apr

1. Bright Eyes

mp3: Drunk kid catholic [Bright Eyes] – worth a listen!

This song reminds me of this scene in the Simpsons Movie (my friend made me see it, I swear!) where a dark shadow falls on Springfield, and all the people in the bar run into the church and vice versa. Listen and you will understand.

April 26th 2008 Guadalajara, MX, Zero Fest

April 12th 2008 Mexico City, Zero Fest

website / myspace

2. Death Cab For Ugly.. I mean Cutie

mp3: Champagne from a Paper Cup [Death Cab For Cutie]

Their new album is dropping in May 2008.

website / myspace

3. The Push Stars

mp3: Drunk is better than dead [The Push Stars]

website / myspace

4. Oasis

mp3: Cigarettes & alcohol [Oasis]

5. The Diggs

The pic I took with my camera phone (my real cam cam is broken.. sadness)! Surprisingly, not complete visual garbage. It looks “artistic.”

Last night, my friend H and I went to go see The Diggs at Mercury Lounge. The band slunk onto stage, plugged in their instruments and just started jamming. They are a very frills-free band; they just wanted to play their songs and scoot. I appreciate their organic approach to shows, but I guess it would have been nice to hear what songs they intended on playing and hear a little bit of background on their influences, etc. I do like their sound. The Diggs have achieved the art of subdued music via loud drumming and guitar. I think it’s the essence of their songs. They’re rather melancholy but rock-y (like a less poppy Keane). Also, H and I noted that drummer Charlie Schmid’s energy was infectious. Through most of the set I couldn’t even see his drumsticks because they were just a crazy blur of timber. Overall, a short but good show.. my only criticism would be the lack of band interaction with the crowd.

mp3: Recovery Forever [The Diggs]

mp3: Careen [The Diggs] via I Rock Cleveland

Support the Brooklyn based indie band by buying their album “ctrl-alt-del” here from Superspun Records.

website / myspace

6. Tristan Prettyman

Lastly, check out the FREE itunes song this week, “Madly” by Tristan Prettyman. Her voice sounds like one very talented Ms. KT Tunstall but with a poppier sound. I like!

Also, check out NYMAG’s exclusive track by track of Coldplay’s new album. Honestly, the album sounds a little bizarre…I can’t tell if their article is a joke or what. A song about the show Lost?? Really?


One Response to “Mood: Drunk”

  1. wawawawa April 18, 2008 at 6:22 pm #

    she sounds poppier, but i enjoy kt better – uniqloooo

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