Mood: Sugar High

14 Apr

It’s Monday and I have a bunch of sugary pop mixes/mashups that I have been playing over and over in the hope that they will help me survive the rest of this week. You know you need it… we’re like 4 biz-days from Friday. xoxo, Moodyeditor

1. Team9

mp3: Sugar and Cheese (Mary J Blige vs. Snow Patrol) [Team 9] via team9 – MUST DOWNLOAD!

team9 website

2. Buffalo Bill

mp3: Do It Alone (Buffalo Bill Remix) [Sugarcult] – MUST DOWNLOAD!

BB’s myspace

3. Katy Perry

Is this an American Apparel commercial?

mp3: Ur So Gay (DJ Skeet Skeet & Cory Enemy Remix) [Katy Perry]

4. Tilly and the Wall

Their promo pictures equal parts fascinate and frighten me.

mp3: Cacophony [Tilly and the Wall]

Tilly and the Wall, “Beat Control”

Also, Tilly and the Wall are releasing a new album “O.” No, Damien Rice does not do backup dancing, although I think he should.

01. Tall Tall Grass
02. Pot Kettle Black
03. Cacophony

04. I Found You
05. Alligator Skin
Chandelier Lake
07. Dust Me Off
08. Falling Without Knowing
09. Bloodflower
10. Poor Man’s Ice Cream
11. Too Excited

Yay! Copy and pasting: O is Tilly and the Wall’s most cohesive, sonically experimental album yet. In addition to building a tack piano for certain songs, the band toyed with percussion much more than their previous efforts, recording Jamie’s taps through a variety of different amplifiers and floors to give each song its own distinct rhythm. Opener “Tall Tall Grass” is classic Tilly – strummed acoustic guitar, Neely and Kianna’s harmonies and a tale detailing a love lost to the seasons. It is followed by a ten-person stomp troop recorded in an Omaha school gym marching out the beat to “Pot Kettle Black,” a cymbal-smashing, hand-clapping ode to shit-talking, which immediately tumbles into “Cacophony,” with its three-part harmonic layers and rambling horns, and “I Found You,” a call and response Odyssey of sorts whose narrator is always searching and always walking through one season to the next. “Jumbler,” featuring an all-girl tap trio and percussive pots and pans, is carried by a 50’s-esque piano part, while “Chandelier Lake,” the album’s centerpiece, is dreamy, fuzz-laced, and filled with broken organs, detailing a place where the water meets the land and life comes together in a mysterious way. The track is one of many on o whose narrative details the mixing of the personal and the organic world – songs frequently feature grass, flowers, blood, trees, snow, water, dust, sand, trash, electricity and gardens, all tied up with loss, love, need and exploration. The record closes with “Too Excited,” a stomper of a song packed with group vocals and “yeeeeah!” choruses. With its massive dose of high energy, hip-shaking attitude, it’s the sort of song that reminds you why you fell for Tilly and the Wall in the first place. And if you’re like us, you’ll quickly hit the “play” button to begin the journey that is o all over again…[Fanatic Promotion bio]

5. Girls Aloud

Is this a MAC commercial?

mp3: Can’t Speak French (Tony Lamezma Mix) [Girls Aloud]

6. Sugababes

Yay, poses!

The Sugababes are basically the less attractive, better singing equivalent of British pop group, Girls Aloud.

mp3: Denial (Ian Carey Vocal Mix) [Sugababes]

website / myspace


Here’s some silly fun for you to look at work:

It’s Animal Post Secret. And it’s effing hilarious:


Show love to your friends by demonstrating the power of your mouse clicking:


I am utterly fascinated by the last dance sequence from the movie (aka 2 hour long music video) Step Up 2.

so sexy.


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