Music: Positional / Geographical / Topographical

9 Apr

1. Apartment

One piece of advice I think I am allowed to give is that when you’re trying to make up a name for your band, try to make it something that’s not too generic. Considering the power of the internet these days, you want your band to be the first hit on search machines. But I finally tracked down Apartment’s website. But it wasn’t easy. In any case, I don’t like their band name, but I do like their spastic rock.

mp3: Fall Into Place [Apartment] – worth a listen!

website / myspace

2. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

I know what you’re thinking: ew, old people with banjos singing. Pour me a metamucil martini and shoot me up with some Strivectin.


Except, this is 21 TIME GRAMMY AWARD WINNING Alison Krauss we are talking about. I know, crazy, right? She collects those statues like Angelina collects babies (ha, how many times have you heard that joke before?).

Angelina: “I have Cambodia, Ethiopia…”
Jennifer: “Shut up, bitch.”

I digress. Check out this song, I really like it. MMmmm prunes.

mp3: Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) [Robert Plant & Alison Krauss] via youcrazydreamers

website / myspace

3. The Rosie Taylor Project

mp3: Maps For Lost Lovers [The Rosie Taylor Project]

website / myspace

4. DJ TT

I have no idea who DJ TT is, but I am a bit obsessed with his mash-ups. The blending of two songs into one cohesive aural unit can often go very very wrong. But DJ TT must have a magical song mixing machine because his mashes are great! Anyways, sadly I have no pic nor info about this person. If this is you, or you know something about this person, please shoot me an email at so you can receive proper credit.

mp3: I Still vs. Where’d You Go (Fort Minor Boys) [DJ TT] – download worthy!

5. The Meadows

Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that the Meadows have a song called “Where Do You Go” (Track 4) on the same album as the song “There You Go” (Track 8)?

mp3: Where Do You Go [The Meadows]

website / myspace

6. Throwback to 2001:

mp3: Wherever You Will Go [The Calling]

I used to be obsessed with this song when it first came out. I was 15 (god, that was 7 years ago! I am old-ish), young and impressionable. Listening to it over and over on my cd player made me feel like I was a character on Dawson’s Creek.

The Calling at the Europe 2 Live in France in July 04


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