Mood: Love/Hate

31 Mar

1. Simian Mobile Disco

Last Friday (03.28.08), I followed a horde of assorted hipsters, drunks, sobers, and college students into a little fete at the Museum of Natural History. Ever since I read “The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” as a kid, I’ve always gotten a little thrill out of entering a museum at night. Clutching my water bottle of diet Dr. Pepper and rum (pre-gaming to go), I stood online to bask in the strobe lights of SMD. My friend M was determined to be at the very front throughout the entire show and this turned out to be a great idea, except, by the end, I was deaf and blind. SMD was busy turning little knobs under the gentle glow of a little light, resting above their extensive equipment throughout the show. It was a great show, despite the medical warning they should have included on the tickets. Before SMD came on stage, I was laughing at this guy wearing orange earplugs for being so nouveau. But at the end, it was he who was doing the chortling.

You can spot me all the way in the front! I’m the very serious looking partyer haha.

mp3: Love [Simian Mobile Disco]

website / myspace

2. Cut Copy

mp3: Feel the Love [Cut Copy] – download worthy!

website / myspace

3. Ryan Leslie ft. Kanye West

mp3: Diamond Girl Remix [Ryan Leslie ft. Kanye West]

website / myspace

If you’re not feeling the luv, here’s some cynic for you:

4. The Teenagers.. or as I like to call them, The Tee-Angers.

You know what?
This morning i woke up, and i saw your angry face
And now i’m just wondering
“Are you in love?”

mp3: Love No (Delorean Remix) [The Teenagers]

mp3: Love No [The Teenagers] – download worthy!

Just a little extra sumthin:

mp3: Full Flavor [The Teenagers]

Starlett Johansson video

/ TeenSpace / TeenSite /


One Response to “Mood: Love/Hate”

  1. Mimi April 2, 2008 at 5:29 pm #

    yesss simian!! i was completely mesmerized.

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