Mood: Zouking

28 Mar

zouk: Caribbean disco dance and corresponding type of fast rhythmic music

1. Robyn & Snoop Dogg

Left, Swedish pop star Robyn; Right, “Cooler than Kate Moss” British model Agyness Deyn: who started that haircut?

mp3: Sexual Eruption [Robyn & Snoop Dogg] – must download!

Robyn’s website / myspace

2. Hot Chip

mp3: Ready for the Floor [Hot Chip]

Duffy can belt it to the likeness of Amy Wine-wreck, but is much easier on our eyes.

mp3: Ready for the Floor (Hot Chip Cover) [Duffy]

Duffy’s myspace

3. Kid Sister

mp3: Pro Nails [Kid Sister ft. Kanye West]
MV for Pro Nails, ft. Kanye as well
Kid Sister’s website / myspace
4. CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)
MGMT (pronounced “management”) struggles over the pronounciation of their band name.
Check out the new 3D MV to “Time to Pretend” here.
Too bad I don’t have any 3D glasses cuz it looks like a doozy!

One Response to “Mood: Zouking”

  1. emma April 7, 2008 at 9:00 pm #

    robyn has had the same hair cut since she recorded the soundtrack of a famous swedish sports programme for kids. i believe she hasn’t changed hair dresser for aaaages.

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