Mood: Missing You

17 Mar

1. m-flo

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to introduce people to new and different music that I encounter. It often seems that American listeners overlook the international market. Generally, this makes sense as music abroad often is written/sung in a different language. However,M-flo, a Japanese pop group consisting of producer and DJ Taku Takahashi and emcee VERBAL, makes good music which can be appreciated despite the language barrier with most American listeners. As to the origins of the group’s name, VERBAL had explained that it was originally “mediarite-flow,” an intended misspelling of meteorite, but for the Japanese that name was too long, and so Avex had requested that the name be shortened to m-flo. VERBAL had commented that “There’s no deep meaning to it. I guess we wanna have impact like a meteorite” (Wikipedia).

mp3: Miss You [m-flo]

mp3: Miss You (Free Tempo Mix) [m-flo]

From their 2004 album “Astromantic Charm School.”

More about m-flo on their website.

2. The Charlatans

mp3: Missing Beats (Of A Generation) [The Charlatans]

More about the Brit-rock group on their website. There’s also a link for downloading their whole album for free! Sweet!

3. Incubus

mp3: I Miss You [Incubus]

4. Byork

I’ve always found Byork a little weird. Okay, really weird. It’s not just the swan dress or that movie “Dancer in the Dark” which I expected to be an Icelandic “Dirty Dancing” (I kid!). I feel like she just gives off a weird vibe. Like she’ll suddenly look up and be like “I see dead people.” I may have also just seen the “Sixth Sense” recently. In any case, I’m all for experiencing weird things, so here’s a little Byork tune.

mp3: I Miss You (RH Factor Mix) [Byork]

5. Blink 182

mp3: I Miss You [Blink 182]

I totally dig Travis Barker’s drumming. He’s just so INTO it.

6. Throwbacks to Puff Daddy & TLC

Oh man. I used to love this song.

Tribute to Biggie from 1997

mp3: I’ll Be Missing You [Puff Daddy ft. Faith Evans]

(10 years ago, Jesus!)

TLC’s Fanmail CD in 1999

mp3: I Miss You [TLC]


One Response to “Mood: Missing You”

  1. OEN June 26, 2009 at 6:15 am #

    I love Travis too. He is so talented. Great artist. You did a nice post too. Keep it up. More power.

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