Mood: Torn but knowing to say goodbye

9 Mar

1. James Morrison

Morrison’s aptly named solo album “Undiscovered” is sensational. Yet, he doesn’t seem to be garnering as much popularity and attention you would like to believe real talent brings in the music industry. I absolutely adore his voice…it has this tinge of yearning which makes you want to keep listening.

mp3: The Last Goodbye [James Morrison] – a must download!

James Morrison – “The Last Goodbye” at The Roxy 3-21-07

2. A Fine Frenzy

mp3: Almost Lover [A Fine Frenzy]

A remix of “Almost Lover” is available on AFF’s myspace.

3. Jeff Buckley

mp3: The Last Goodbye [Jeff Buckley]

One Republic’s cover of Jeff Buckley’s The Last Goodbye

4. James Blunt

mp3: Goodbye My Lover [James Blunt]

5. Atomic Kitten

mp3: The Last Goodbye [Atomic Kitten]


One Response to “Mood: Torn but knowing to say goodbye”

  1. maged October 21, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    من موزیک های شما را دوست دارم

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