Mood: Gender Bender

12 Feb

1. Tilly and the Wall

this boy i know lives in a bell jar
it is balancing up on it’s pedestal
he tries not to upset the weight of conscience
afraid it’s so far to fall if no one catches him
but I’ve been there too, and I swear to god
if I can help you, please, you’ve got to tell me how
I know you’ve been away, and it can break you down
and I don’t want you gone

mp3: The Freest Man [Tilly and the Wall] – download worthy!

Their myspace.

Their website.

2. James Morrison

James Morrison is one of those artists who make me wonder: “Why isn’t he more famous (in America)??” Then again, the double edged sword of fame ruins a lot of great acts and sometimes they’re better off being lesser known.

mp3: Better Man [James Morrison]

James’ website.

3. Chrisette Michele

Here’s another lesser known artist (signed to Def Jam) with a gorgeous, soulfulvoice. Chrisette is probably best known for collaborating with Nas on “Can’t Forget about You” (youtube link).

What can really make a man
No gold or money, clips and honey
Dips dont make a brother know
no dont make a brother golden

mp3: Good Girl [Chrisette Michele] – anthem!

Credit to CEO Alyssa. MUFF-in? 

More of Chrisette’s music on her myspace.

4. Throwback to the 90’s: Aaliyah

too young to die…

mp3: More Than a Woman [Aaliyah]


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