Mood: Motivated

30 Jan

Reminder: It’s not too late to enter and win! And WINNING always feels good! 

The Moody Editor will be giving away one Wreckers CD/DVD. To apply, send an email to with your name and why I should pick you (”I have no money to buy CDs!” “I love Michelle Branch!” ”I have never heard of the Wreckers!” etc. is all acceptable). I will randomly (eeny meeny miny moe) pick a winner by February 1, 2008.

 1. Gym Class Heroes


Turns out that “Cupid’s Chokehold” is not the only good song on the Gym Class Heroes debut. I personally like this slower, “be honest with yourself” tune a teensy bit better than the catchy song about cupid’s grip.

mp3: 13th Period: On My Own Time (Write On!) [Gym Class Heroes]


2. The Killers mp3: All The Things I’ve Done [The Killers] – must download!

UK version

Acoustic version

“I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier” – trust me, you’ll be chanting this along with the Killers in no time.

3. Vampire Weekend

mp3: M79 [Vampire Weekend]

I happened to be wandering around in Virgin Record store in Union Square last night when I discovered that Vampire Weekend was playing a midnight show! Considering how much of an old fogie I’ve become since I started working, I decided to stay past my bedtime and check them out. They have enthusiasm, cute cardigans, and a great overall sound. I was surprised to see that a band who just released their first album sounded so great live. What can I say, Columbia grads are perfectionists (sorry, a little Columbia pride inserted right there)! Also, check out the NYtimes’ review of Vampire Weekend here.


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