Mood: Like a Minx

21 Jan

1. Diana Ross vs. Ultra Nate

I freaking love Diana Ross. She’s got a great voice, dated Ryan O’Neal (Love Story hunk) and Gene Simmons (wow, she does not have a type), and is lauded as being one of the most successful female artists of musical history. She has sold an estimated 60 million albums during the course of her forty-five-year career. In 1976, Billboard magazine named her the female entertainer of the century (Wikipedia). And to top it all off, a DJ named Ultra Nate has remixed her song “Love Child” (hear the original below) into an amazing tune I can’t stop listening to. It’s friggin amazing.

Link fixed! – mp3: Free Love Child [Diana Ross vs. Ultra Nate] – a must download!


The original “Love Child”song by Diana Ross & The Supremes

2. The Pierces

I miss it. My Wednesday nights seem empty, and so banal… work and then what to do without Gossip Girl? Get a life probably.

But in the meanwhile, check out New York mag’s hilarious point system on how realistic GG is: read this article, see their video, and listen to the Pierce sisters (featured on an episode of GG – the one with the ball).

mp3: The Secret [The Pierces]

Link from TWF.

More about the Pierce sisters on their website.

3. Vanessa Carlton

Put Your Hands On Me [Vanessa Carlton]

4. Nellie McKay

Snarky Nellie McKay’s songs have hilarious lyrics. Check out “Won’t You Please B Nice”:

If you would sit
Oh so close to me
That would be nice
Like it’s supposed to be
If you don’t I’ll slit your throat
So won’t you please be nice
If you would hug your arms right around me
That would be snug
Like it’s supposed to be
If we part I’ll eat your heart
So won’t you please be nice

Oh don’t you love this romancing
Know that it’s your life you’re chancing
Isn’t it nice
Now you’ve married me
Sugar and spice
Like it’s supposed to be
If you go i’ll get your dough
So won’t you please be nice

Stop with your jazz oratory
I only listen to top forty
N’Sync rules
Isn’t it nice
Together we’ll always live
No sacrifice
We’ll vote conservative
If you run I’ll pull a gun
Give me head or you’ll be dead
Salute the flag or I’ll call you a fag
Oh won’t you please be nice

Won’t You Please B Nice [Nellie McKay]

5. Girls Aloud

mp3: Can’t Speak French [Girls Aloud] – can’t-sit-still delicious!

credit to for the mp3

GA singing “Can’t Speak French” live

MV for GA’s “Call the Shots”


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