Mood: Hygenic

18 Jan

A clean, refreshing mix of tunes for TGIF!

1. Kate Nash

Kate Nash is the indie music world’s new darling. Adorable, talented, and super pale, she (and her song “Mouthwash”) is the inspiration for this post.

mp3: Mouthwash [Kate Nash] – worth a download!

Kate’s Myspace page.

2. The Maccabees

This British band came up with the name ‘The Maccabees’ by opening the Bible at random. Despite adopting a name with religious connotations, lead singer Orlando Weeks has more recently affirmed, in an interview on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 1 show, that none of the band are religious (Wikipedia). However, they have shown interest in hygiene through their music.

mp3: Toothpaste Kisses [The Maccabees] – cute!

More about the non-Bible-humpers on their website.

3. Cam’Ron

Get clean, byotch.

mp3: Soap Opera [Cam’Ron]

4. AFI aka A Fire Inside

Because, black is slimming and always in.

mp3: Soap Box Derby [AFI]

More about AFI on their crazy, loud website.

5. Broken Social Scene

We may need a lot more than just one bottle of shampoo for this crew.

mp3: Shampoo Suicide [Broken Social Scene]


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