Mood: Like a Weepy Rocker

10 Jan

I know, that’s the last thing you need. A bunch of rockers whining about how hard it is to have hot groupies, mansions, and free drugs. But secretly, aren’t you a tinge glad that rich, hot, famous people have sadness too? And by sadness, I don’t mean hot groupies, mansions, and free drugs, but that feeling that you can buy your way out of.

1. Maroon 5

The Lavender Cinco‘s sophomore album is a lot less rockstar than their first. While I doubt I’ll be blasting their gentler sound anytime soon at a party, its still great for a party of uno on a cold winter night (or thanks to global warming, a warm, balmy winter night).

One of my favorite tracks:

mp3: Nothing Lasts Forever [Maroon 5]

2. Across the Universe

I’m not a Beatles fan in general; but for some reason, anytime someone takes the fab five’s music and sticks it into a movie, I fall in love (Across the Universe, I am Sam, etc.). I may be a secret Beatles fan and not even know it.

mp3: While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Martin Luther McCoy]

In the words of Heather Mills, I love you Paul McCartney! Oh wait, I mean, I love your money, Paul McCartney!

3. Mott the Hoople

I love this picture of Mott the Hoople. The guitarist is wearing an old woman’s wig and stripper heels. I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of subtle social commentary about old hos. And the wimpy guy to his right wearing the urine colored shirt? Social commentary about people who can’t dress.

They can also be heard on the Juno soundtrack and you already know how I feel about that.

mp3: All the Young Guys [Mott the Hoople]

More about this 70’s English glam rock band on Wikipedia.


One Response to “Mood: Like a Weepy Rocker”

  1. sarah January 10, 2008 at 11:37 pm #

    i think you have too much time.

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