Mood: Feel like dancing

7 Jan

1. Girls Aloud

mp3: Something Kinda Oooh (Tony Lamezma Remix) [Girls Aloud]

mp3: Can’t Speak French [Girls Aloud]

2. Justin Timberlake with Paul Oakenfold

My Love (Paul Oakenfold Remix) [Justin Timberlake]

3. It just ain’t a dance party without Britney..

…Cuz BritBrit brings the crazy to every party.

mp3: Piece of Me (Mysto Pizzi Dance Mix) [Britney Spears] – delicious!

Click on the link for a listen before downloading. It’s a great remix, maybe better than the original!

4. The Underdog Project

mp3: Girls of Summer [The Underdog Project ft. Benny Benassi]

5. VJ Pigozza

Lovely [VJ Pigozza]

I don’t have the mp3 yet for this one, but love the song! The video, on the other hand, is like karaoke on crack. Crackaoke.


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