Mood: Like A Happy Hipster

31 Dec

1. The Killers

The Killers put on their happiest faces.

mp3: Bones [The Killers]

2. Chester French: Who?

The Harvard graduated duo signed with Interscope’s Star Track label (founded by Pharell Williams & Chad Hugo). Expect an album from them to drop in 2008.

Chester French

Jimmy Choo’s [Chester French]

An extra Chester French Fry:

mp3: Excuse Me Miss (Remix)[Jay-Z ft. Chester French]

Mood Swing:

mp3: She Loves Everybody [Chester French]

This CF song was featured on Entourage this past summer in the end credits, creating buzz about this smart, hip band with a clean, retro sound.

More of Chester French on their myspace.

3. Gomez

Gomez watches the world from under their top hats.

mp3: See The World [Gomez]

4. Belle & Sebastian

The prescription for a (Happy) Life Pursuit includes listening to Belle & Sebastian.

mp3: Another Sunny Day [Belle and Sebastian]

5. Bishop Allen

bishop allen
Bishop Allen doesn’t just play their instruments, they exercise with them because “Exercise gives you endorphins–endorphins make people happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” – Reese Witherspoon a la Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

mp3: Butterfly Nets [Bishop Allen]

More about Bishop Allen on their cute website.


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