Mood: Rainy and Crappy

7 Dec

1. Keyshia Cole 

k cole

mp3: Love [Keyshia Cole]

2. Tila Tequila’s Shot at making music.

A cute poppy ditty from our favorite cholo

mp3: Paralyze [Tila Tequila]

For those of you who missed Tila’s Shot at Love show, here’s a highlight of Senorita Tequila and contestant Dani (he’s a woman!) rapping and singing away about sluts:

Fucking hilarious!

More of Tila’s “music” at her myspace.

3. Natasha Bedingfield 

n bedingfield
In case you’re having trouble getting the Hills theme song out of your head, here’s another Natasha Bedingfield tune to drown out the voice of LC and Heidi screeching at each other.  

mp3: Soulmate [Natasha Bedingfield]

4. Fergie 

Considering that Fergie is about to become Mrs. Duhamel, we certainly doubt she’s very clumsy when it comes to love.

mp3: Clumsy [Fergie]


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